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INHERITANCE is beginning to get some sales internationally, however we are hitting a wall when it comes to domestic distribution.

We have shown the film to several domestic distributors, and their response has been "Great film," "Suspenseful," "It kept me on the edge of my seat," etc., but the one element that seems to be standing between us and a deal is that... "There's no star in the film."

Every star began their career as an unknown. Who ever heard of Tom Cruise before RISKY BUSINESS? Sean Penn before FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH? James Dean before EAST OF EDEN? Jen Taylor before INHERITANCE? Wait! Who's Jen Taylor? She's the star of INHERITANCE.

But truth be told there's a whole world out there that already knows who Jen Taylor is... a world called HALO. Jen is the voice of Cortana in the hugely successful video game HALO, and we hope to prove to potential distributors that there is a built in audience waiting to see our film.

How can you help?

All you have to do is sign the petition (you may have trouble with site if you are using Safari as your browser), which basically states that you look forward to the release of INHERITANCE. Once we gain some serious momentum, we will show the petition to our Producer's rep., so that they can use the petition to illustrate to distributors that there is a large audience awaiting the release of INHERITANCE.

So, even if you've never heard of Jen Taylor or HALO, but would like to just help us out, please sign the petition to increase our chances of getting distribution. When you're done, please take a minute to e-mail anyone you know who might be interested in helping as well.

Sign the Petition