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The Tablet - October 3-16, 2002
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Last week I attended the premiere of Inheritance, by local filmmakers Kris Kristensen and Brian McDonald at Cinerama. Not knowing it was a premiere screening, I stumbled into the theater in jeans and my absolute worst shoes, and was very surprised to find the room filled with tuxedos, sparkly dresses and a spattering of very sleek 1920's garb.
Instead of feeling like a complete dope, I was comforted to find many familiar faces. McDonald and Kristensen, who won an award at the 2001 Slamdance for their hilarious short White Face (a harrowing mockumentary about clown racism), have finally finished their first very slick feature film shot entirely in Seattle and utilizing many of this town's talent.
Inheritance is a supernatural horror story of sorts and strays from the usual pre-pubescent slasher fare to a higher, ethereal level. The film revolves around a young woman named Abbey (Jen Taylor). She takes care of Mrs. Baker (Marjorie Nelson), an eccentric, rich old woman who smokes pot and is anal about her china, but also has dinner parties with her dead mother and sister.
When Mrs. Baker passes away, Abbey begins seeing her ghost everywhere. It becomes apparent that Mrs. Baker's not a friendly haunting - she's after Abbey's body so she can live on through the sweet young thing. Every so often Abbey takes on Mrs. Baker's persona, aggravating her fiance and surprising her best friend played by Emma Jones.
The film isn't terrifying but it intelligently gets you thinking about the spirit world without being too goofy. There is also enough suspense, balanced with humor, to keep you intrigued. The film also boasts a terrific original soundtrack of Billie Holiday-esque tunes and I must add that Victrola Cafe, where parts of the film were shot, never looked better. Inheritance plays once again (before embarking on the festival circuit) in the more relaxed setting of the Warren Report's Distinguishing Features series at SAM on Tuesday, October 8 at 7:30pm. The filmmakers will be present.