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UK Yahoo - December 24, 2004
The supernatural thriller genre gets another re-imagining in this tense movie which has flashes of Kubrick (The Shining especially), Hitchcock and Lynch woven into its expertly executed 89 minutes.

Abbey Neilson appears to have it all: an immensely likeable, self-confident and highly intelligent young woman, she stands on the edge of the good life. However, when the frail Mrs Baker dies and leaves Abbey her house, Abbey's existence is shook to the core. Chilled by visitations from the recently deceased Mrs Baker, Abbey fears her family's history of schizophrenia has come back to curse her.

As life becomes ever more spooky - she can now talk to ghosts, she begins to live Mrs Baker's life - Abbey realises she has to confront her demons head on.

Directed with precision by Kris Kristensen, Inheritance is a bold and engaging movie. Jen Taylor excels as the haunted Abbey and Marjorie Nelson lends Mrs Baker the exact amount of fragility and otherworldly dread.

If you tire of the multitude of life-affirming homilies doing the rounds this festive period you'll do a lot worse than give Inheritance a spin.