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Emma Jones

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Emma Jones grew up in the Garden of England (Kentish town). She started acting in community Theatre at the age of Ten. Later went on to College to study theatre arts and then studied at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts. Some of her Favorite roles include Cecily in The Importance of Being Earnest, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and Nina in The Seagull. From the theatre Jones went on to student Films at the London Film School and Ravensbourne Film School. Due to the lack of film being made (at that time) in the UK (and her name not being Brannagh) she moved to the United States. Since living here she has been involved in FAQ: About Marriage, Shag Carpet Sunset and The Last Of Our Kind.
On the whole Inheritance was a wonderful touchy feely experience for Jones. "The set was a truly warm and supportive place to be," Jones said. "I don't think I have ever worked with a more down to earth and genuinly friendly bunch. The only problem I had was with Katherine Loveall (continuilty). Katherine also hailed from the UK and as she supported Manchester United and I supported Chelsea there was some tension in the air. She often threatened to beat me up after shooting, and would flick her lit fags at me during Lunch."
Before filming began director Kris Kristensen had organized a workshop for all the actors. "I have been on films with no rehearsal so this was a luxury that could only make the film even better." On top of that Kristensen had organized some time for Katheryn Cain and Jones to spend together running around Seattle bonding. Jones declared "This was also a gift as Katheryn and I did become quite close."
Jones continued "The lead up to Katheryn leaving the shoot was obviously a difficult time for all concerned and many drinks were consumed. By the time Katheryn had left I had shot all my scenes." Actress Katheryn Cain was replaced after eight days of shooting with Jen Taylor. "Jen was brought on and I did not meet her till the day of shooting. This made me very anxious. You always hope, as an Actor that you will love the person you are acting with and become friends for ever."
She admits, "Actors are a funny breed so harmony is not often the case. From the moment Jen and I met all was natural and easy. Jen was wonderful and we did indeed become friends forever. Sickening isn't it?"
It was quite a challenge for Jones to redo all the scenes she had done with someone else, "I couldn't work out why this was a block in my head but I realized that even in all the plays I had done I had never even worked with an understudy I had allways worked with one person." Jones found it to be an interesting challenge to overcome, "Although all the scenes were the same, the dynamic with Jen was completely different, so I found different energies running through the scenes." All in all it was a great learning experience for Jones.
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