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Kelsey got involved with Inheritance through the Seattle Children's Theatre Drama School where she has taken classes since she was four years old. She was very excited about the opportunity to audition for the part of Alice Beasley, and even more excited when she got the part! She has enjoyed performing in school plays, including the roles of Olivia in a version of Twelfth Night adapted for children.
When asked about the shoot Kelsey said, "It was fun and exciting," and "everyone was nice and helpful." She said about the location, "I thought that it might be spooky at the cemetery, but it turned out that on a beautiful summer day there was nothing at all spooky about it, except maybe me!" The only challenge she felt she faced was that, "it was hot [in the cemetery], but I was in the shade most of the time".
Since the filming of Inheritance, Kelsey started and completed fourth grade, where Latin (word roots and mythology) was her favorite subject. During the school year, Kelsey enjoyed both Musical Theatre and Acting From a Script classes at the Seattle Children's Theatre Drama School. This Spring, Kelsey auditioned for the Summer Season children's productions at SCT, and got cast in A Midsummer Night's Dream, which is very exciting for her. Performances will be in August after a month of daily three hour rehearsals.
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