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Eric Adkins
Eric Adkins
Eric Adkins

If you'd like to learn more information about Atkins and his career, you can check the research of our memo writer online at
Director of Photography
Adkins live action and stop motion experience has allowed him to participate in the creation of environments where the characters interact in their real and imaginative worlds. In a field of high technology mixed with personal cinema there still lies the mood and the creative inspiration that allows individual projects to stand out from each other, through the blending of a cooperative style with good creative minds, it all will be visible.
At present, Adkins is the Director of Photography on an unusual feature film, The World of Tomorrow, with actors Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow. Using pre-visualized animatics, created with low-res CG animation, then tracking the virtual layout and perspective of the scene, they are able to shoot the live action to match the data on a blue screen stage.
Adkins live action work on Inheritance, shot in Sony 60i High Definition allowed him to analyze the artistic/technical differences between HDTV with 35mm film during production. With the capabilities of this new video resolution and its in-camera abilities to deal with bright windows, white walls, and a tight shooting schedule. It is clear that High Definition is a serious option in "film" production.
As Director of Photography on The PJ's, on the FOX & WB networks 1998-2001, he had the unique opportunity to work on thirty-eight shows of stop-motion animation, shooting six shows simultaneously with six different directors, while prepping for the next start up and posting the previous show for color correction. Twenty-two of these shows were consecutively shot during second season.
His work on Mars Attacks!, Warner Brothers 1995, with director Tim Burton and Animation Director, Barry Purves achieved an errie looking style while serving as the Stop-motion Director of Photography. The Martians and the miniature sets were lit to handle the challenges of a highly reflective environment and were interactively lit with live action background details for digital composites. The metallic surfaces of the flying saucers were lit to reflect the action within the various real locations.
With these and other long and short form projects, Adkins has fifteen years of commercials and music videos under his belt. He has also worked and consulted on various projects in CG, from mixed stop-motion/computer composites to full 3D animation lighting on the computer. Commercials include: Converse, Fila, SW Bell, Nintendo, Nabisco, Kellogg, US Postal Service, Chase Manhattan, Shell Oil, Coca Cola, Orkin, S. C. Johnson, Mattel, Dow, Levi Strauss. Music Videos include: Ani DiFranco, Primal Scream, John Wesley Harding, Tommy Page, The Judy Bats.
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