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"Kris Kristensen and Brian McDonald are two young filmmakers of sensitivity and authentic sweetness who seem - gratefully - never to have discovered cynicism. They have provided three very gifted young actors with some beautiful writing and direction in the shaping of their on-screen relationships."
-- Stewart Stern, Screenwriter (Rebel Without A Cause, Sybil)
"Inheritance is the rare independent which is truly independent, resulting in a film whose plot twists really twist and whose character arcs seem to mimic actual human beings. Because of this, the depth of identification which the audience experiences is huge, resulting in a "supernatural thriller" which is both creepy and thrilling in a most human way. This film is not afraid to confront the very biggest questions (the nature of self and its relationship to mortality, for instance) in a thought provoking way. This is not to suggest that the piece is some kind of treatise on death. To the contrary, Inheritance is funny, smart and ultimately edge-of-the-seat scary.
-- Mark Handley, Screenwriter (Nell)
"Inheritance is a riveting story, with a core of feeling and realness, but also plenty scary!"
-- Judith Weston, Author (Directing Actors)
"Your movie is fantastic. It really creeped me out, even though I'd read the script. The camera angles, editing, and pacing all enhanced your story and gave me a few genuine shivers. I slept very badly after watching it, but also wondered what would have become of all the characters afterwards; always a good sign in a story."
-- Robyn Hitchcock, Musician
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