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Abbey's Eyes
For ABBEY NIELSEN, life is just beginning. She's on the verge of graduating top of her class, and about to marry. For 85 year old MRS. BAKER, life is drawing to a close. Her body is crumbling, and her mind is playing tricks on her; she believes that her mother and sister are visiting her from beyond the grave.
Abbey is too generous for her own good; always sacrificing herself for others instead of administering to her own needs. The stress of constantly putting the needs of others before hers finally takes its toll on Abbey; when Mrs. Baker dies, Abbey thinks that she sees the dead woman sitting amongst the mourners at her own funeral.
When Abbey sees the deceased Mrs. Baker in a mirror instead of her own reflection, she worries that her family's history of schizophrenia has finally caught up with her.
Afraid that her fiance will leave her, Abbey tries to combat Mrs. Baker on her own, but finds her to be a formidable opponent. She finds herself blacking out, unable to account for missing time. Abbey wakes up dressed in Mrs. Baker's clothes, wearing Mrs. Baker's hairstyle, sleeping in Mrs. Baker's bed, and having an affair with Mrs. Baker's attractive young doctor.
When Abbey visits Mrs. Baker's grave she discovers that she is able to communicate with ghosts, and like Mrs. Baker, Abbey is now walking the fence between the living and the dead.
She realizes that she must either fight for her life or surrender it to Mrs. Baker forever... but it won't be easy to dispose of Mrs. Baker since she's already dead!
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