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Writing a new hit from the past.
In addition to composing the score for Inheritance, Erik Aho was asked to write a pop tune... from the 1920's.
Because Inheritance is the story of two women at opposite ends of the age spectrum, the filmmakers wanted to carry that motif into the soundtrack. There's source music scattered throughout the film, and it's designed to reflect each of the women. While Abbey is a modern young woman who listens to contemporary music, Mrs. Baker is an aging woman who longs for her youth and listens to music from that era.
"I suggested that Mrs. Baker's theme be based on Billie Holliday's You Can't Take That Away From Me," said co-writer/producer Brian McDonald. "The problem is we're working on a very tight budget, and we couldn't afford to license the rights to that song or any song for that matter. The solution was to write our own pop song from when Mrs. Baker was young,"
Co-writer/director Kris Kristensen added "We had only one rule, The song was going to appear over the opening and closing credits. The first time you hear the song, it should sound sweet and innocent, but after sitting through the film we wanted the lyrics to take on a more sinister tone." No easy task.
While Aho wrote the melody, he enlisted Celia Chavez to write the lyrics and sing the tune. They returned a few days later with I Lose Myself In You (1.8mb). "It was perfect," said Kristensen. "It sounds just like a song from that period. Occassionally I'll hear the tune and forget that we had anything to do with it. It really sounds like a lost classic."
"And it serves it's purpose," added McDonald. "The lyrics work as a love song, unless you've seen the film and you read between the lines." Chavez also wrote the song You'll Never Shake Me (2.3mb) which is performed by Seattle musician Mia Boyle. The song leads up to Abbey's final confrontation with Mrs. Baker.
The muisc that represents Abbey surroundings was much easier to come by. "Basically I asked all my friends with bands to donate some music," said Kristensen. In addition to knowing the a lot of local undiscovered bands, Kristensen was fortunate enough that he could also call on his well known friends Robyn Hitchcock and Grant Phillips (formerly of Grant Lee Buffalo). Kristensen knew Phillips from college, and became friends with Hitchcock after he directed a concert film of the two of them titled Elixirs & Remedies.
Hitchcock gave Kristensen a new unreleased tune called ...Briggs (1000k sample). It was inspired by the Clint Eastwood sequel to Dirty Harry; Magnum Force. Kristensen continued, "Robyn just happened to be in Seattle recording it, and thematically it jelled with the film. It's about drawing a line in the sand, and that's what Abbey learns to do in the movie; set her boundaries and say 'This is where it stops'."
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