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Brian McDonald
Brian McDonald
Brian McDonald
At the age of 15 Brian McDonald began working as an animation camera assistant at a studio in Seattle Washington. You have probably read it in our recent article about pros and cons for homework, but there is still enough information to discuss.
In 1986 when he moved to Los Angeles he had six years of film experience and he was only 21 years old. In LA, in addition to his animation work, he worked on several special effects make-up crews. He helped make blood, guts and gore for film such as Return Of The Living Dead II, Night Of The Creeps, Dead Heat and The Resurrected.
It was around this time that a friend, a professional stand-up comic, asked McDonald to write jokes for his routine. Through this he discovered his own comic abilities and it wasn't long before he was being paid to perform all over the country. He even appeared on the Comedy Channel.
McDonald's first comic book stories were published in 1990. His book Harry The Cop, a serious comic book about police brutality, was recently mentioned, in the foreword to an African-American history book, as an important work by Pulitzer Prize winning author Charles Johnson.
McDonald has written for the Predator comic book series based on the hit film. And he was one of the primary contributors to a book called Colors In Black, an anthology book published by Dark Horse in cooperation with Spike Lee. He also worked closely with New Line Cinema when writing the comic book sequel to their film Lost In Space.
In 1997 his short film script, White Face, a comedy about the problems clowns might face if they were an actual race of people, took the top prize at the Saguaro Screenplay Competition.
In 1999 McDonald was a semifinalist in the prestigious Disney Fellowship Competition. In addition, the script that he co-wrote with Kris Kristensen for Inheritance, was a semifinalist at the Austin Heart of Film Festival.
McDonald is also member of The Focus Ring, a group of young filmmakers interested in honing their skills with directing actors. These skills came in handy when he was asked to direct the voice talent in #13, an animated cartoon he had scripted.
In 2000 McDonald turned his award winning script of White Face into an award winning film. It won the 2001 Slamdance Audience Award for best short film. White Face was picked up for distribution by Hypnotic Films and can be seen on both HBO and Cinemax.
Currently, McDonald teaches a highly acclaimed story structure class at 911 Media Arts Center and was recently invited to George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic to speak on the subject. The seminar was so well received that there is talk of having him return for a second seminar.
McDonald has spent his entire life learning the craft of filmmaking and storytelling is now ready to apply those skills to a film of his own.
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