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David Drummond
Writers from 21clradio helped us with our projets many times, including that one time when we used a form at to request a proper order.
"Dr. Canfield"
Since finishing his role in Inheritance, Drummond has performed in three plays (Johnny Tremain and Holes at Seattle Children's Theatre and A Christmas Carol at ACT). He has also written a boatload of as-yet-unpublished children's books, and somehow managed to keep almost everything in his garden alive. In the fall he'll be back in the nurturing confines of the Children's Theatre, performing in The Big Friendly Giant. And hopes to have a book or two published by then.
"I auditioned for Inheritance at the urging of producer and friend Lisa Halpern, who said I was 'perfect for the part.' Whether that's true or not, I got it," explained Drummond. "Lisa said it was a supporting role, two or three scenes; so I picked up the script, read the first three scenes Dr. Canfield was in, thought 'Oh how nice,' and forgot about it. A month later, a day or two before the benefit reading, Lisa asked cryptically, 'So how does Annie [my wife] feel about THE SCENE?' I must have missed something on my first read of the script, so I went back and read the whole thing this time. Golly. In one of the scenes I'd missed, Dr. Canfield was in bed with Abbey having (gulp!) "nasty sex." Hmmm. Looked like I had some 'splainin' to do.
"Eventually, after much apologizing and many foot rubs, my wonderful wife was willing to have me simulate sex with another woman (the most convincing argument was that I'd signed a contract months before). And once Jen Taylor was hired to play Abbey, all was well. My wife and Jen know each other, and Jen is the perfect professional. One thing I hadn't considered, however, was how I'd feel about faking sex with a friend. I just figured I'd forget about it until the time arrived.
"The night we were originally scheduled to shoot the bedroom scene, dawn arrived before we could do the deed. I got home just as my wife was waking up -- the surly look she gave me indicated she still wasn't quite happy about the whole arrangement. The look got even surlier when I told her I had to go back the next night and do it all over again.
"We were first up the next night. Jen had already laid down the law: If she had to be exposed on set, then everyone else had to be, too. So there I was, on my back, in a stranger's bed, wearing women's underwear many sizes too small (to keep me tucked securely away), with a naked actress astride me and all these topless men running around adjusting lights and bra-clad women spritzing Jen and mussing the sheets. Strange and memorable. Jen was tremendously carefree, which put me at ease -- after all, it was her scene and I was just there for... um, support.
"And between the takes, Jen and I were far from serious, talking about her boyfriend and my wife and son and generally just gabbing like we were sitting down over coffee instead of having 'nasty sex' in front of dozens of people. It was pretty painless after all, not the uncomfortable, mind-bending experience I'd feared. And at the Children's Theatre, where Jen and I work pretty regularly, my stock answer to what I'd done that summer was, 'Oh, have sex with Jen Taylor.'"
Nice work, if you can get it.
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