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Lisa Halpern
Lisa Halpern
Lisa Halpern
(At you can find the full version of her biography, including analyses of her works.)

Lisa Halpern did her undergraduate studies at the University of Washington in Comparative Literature, and received her BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Acting. While attending Cornish, Halpern wrote and produced the play Hide and Seek, her interest in production apparent even in the early stages of her acting career.
In 1989, Halpern was cast in Cameron Crowe's feature film, Singles. After seeing firsthand the pitfalls and trapdoors that a movie set has to offer, Lisa discovered that she was more interested in being behind the camera than in front of it.
Halpern began focusing on developing her writing skills. After completing her first screenplay in 1998, Halpern was invited to collaborate with Filmus Maximus; a Seattle based film production company. The team at FM marveled at her skills and confirmed what she herself was beginning to realize -- that she is a natural producer.
Her work with FM was followed by the feature film The Good Egg, directed by Mark (Nell) Handley, for which Halpern was the director of development. It was here that she met Inheritance's co-producers; Kris Kristensen and Brian McDonald. After filming wrapped, she was invited by them to join their director's workshop; The Focus Ring.
She was the associate producer on the film short White Face, by McDonald, while simultaneously producing and directing the documentary Domainia - Another Gold Rush.
Production of Inheritance started off with a bang. "At the end of week one we had to let go of our lead actress and start the shoot from scratch," explained Halpern. "Kris and I were in charge of 'the conversation' - I felt awful about it for the sake of Katherine - it was an unpleasant thing to have to do but it was necessary."
Halpern's job kept her hopping. "Some days I'd step in as a body double for Mrs. Baker and then step back out to resolve a situation between crew members, assist with accounting, follow up on insurance problems, monitor the cash flow on set, find people to recast in roles that needed filling, support the office staff - there was always something. Many somethings at a time, in fact."
"The best part of the shoot for me, aside from the amazing learning curve, was getting to spend time with and strengthen my friendships with the extraordinary women in the cast," exclaimed Halpern. "With the amount of stress and sleep deprivation that we all felt, these women were a true god send to me.
"Prior to jumping into this project I had asked a number of producers what exactly the job of producer was. No one seemed to have any idea how to explain it to me. Kris said it best - 'the job of the producer is to run around and put out fires.' I'd say that aptly sums it up. I learned alot during those weeks, and came through the fire only slightly burned."
Halpern has been busy since Inheritance wrapped. She wrote the Capital Campaign video script for the Woodland Park Zoo in conjunction with Girvin Design. Shortly after that, she was hired by a Nevada based producer -Need4speed Productions, to write the script for a documentary called Junkyard To Finishline. Halpern's work was so well received that the producers flew her to L.A to create additional footage for the film.
During a recent trip to New York, Halpern was approached by an award winning producer who has attached himself to her feature length screenplay War Without Sound which is gearing up for pre-production.
Most recently, Halpern wrote, produced and directed the TV pilot Guerrilla Gardener - a funny urban gardening show, which is now in post production. Currently she is in the midst of collaborating on an exciting new screenplay called Lie, Cheat, Steal with up and coming writer, Amy Wheeler.
She's also producing Seattle filmmaker Megan Griffith's feature film debut First Aid For Choking and the film short SheKisses for Heather Ayres.
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