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Carter Roy
A native Montanan, Carter Roy returned to the Northwest after graduating from Amherst college where he made his professional debut in Alan Ball's Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. While most of Roy's stage time in Seattle was occupied working with the improvisational theater groups Theatersports and The Edge, his time in front of the camera started with Lover's Lane. A chance to star in the comedy feature What About Me came along soon after, where Roy played a swinging divorcee bachelor. Several films later, including a small credit in Brian McDonald's award winning White Face, Director Kris Kristensen asked Roy to play opposite the female lead in Inheritance. Having known Kristensen and McDonald through The Focus Ring, Roy jumped at the chance to work with them on set.
When asked about his experience on Inheritance, Roy had this to say, "The atmosphere on the set was great, I had an easy relationship with Kris as a director, I felt confident with the script and had a great chemistry with Jen (Taylor) - in other words a lot of the usual challenges were absent." What Roy found difficult was actually not working. "My experience with film to that point had either been as the lead or day player; I was either on the set a couple straight days or the whole time. During Inheritance I found myself on a day off a day, off a couple, on a couple."
His absence on set challenged his focus in a new way, "For the first time I was forced to find things to do away from the project and then come back to it. Indeed some days I even came by just to stay connected. My best work comes out of a sense of group undertaking, of being part of a larger team, so I thrive on the chemistry of myself with not only the actors, but the director, the crew, even the physical set."
After a short break, while the production replaced the lead actress after 8 days of shooting, Roy learned an important lesson. "In a sense I taught myself to simply cut out the days inbetween my shoot days and then paste the ends together; when I arrived on set I let myself behave as if I had been there until wrap the night before. Even if that wasn't the case. It was a way for me to carry the focus of the character but also the feel of the team with me on set, even if I wasn't always a part of it."
Roy now lives in New York, where he has shot several national commercials and performs with his sketch group Blindspot. This fall he will originate the role of Dick in the premiere of the new play Open House.
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